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Halloween/Fall Book Box **Pre-order

4 options to choose from +$12.00 for shipping.
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Product Details

This Book Box will come with 4 items, including a Bonus Mystery gift. Total of 5 items. One of the items will be a Halloween mug (randomly chosen)!

4 different options:

1. Classic Book Box Only w/items

Classic Book Description: Leather bound collection from Canterbury Classics of classic gothic horror stories from famous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Henry James, Washington Irving, and more to prey upon your emotions and peace of mind.

2. Young Adult Book Box w/items

Book will be a secret (Shhh!) but if you would like to know what it is please send and email to we will let you in on our secret.

3. Deluxe - Both Classic & YA books w/items.

Can't decide on which chose them both. Or need a gift buy the Deluxe and keep one book, some of the items for yourself, and give the rest as gifts!!

4. Items Only- Give me the goods I got plenty of Books (said no one).  But if you perchance have the books and only want the items then this is the option for you! 

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