Little Women - One-time

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FAMILY: Is sometimes more than Flesh and Blood.


This edition of Little Women features full cloth binding in bold, bright colors; silk ribbon marker and headband; two-color illustrated endpapers and illustrations.

In addition to the gorgeous book this box comes with:

🎇Stationary, and Journal: letter writing is a lost art. We need to rekindle this way of connecting with those we love. Journal, cause I always need something to write on. Thoughts, ideas, about a box or an item for a box go in a journal of mine. 

🎇Ohana Bracelet: "Ohana means family, family means no one is never left behind or forgotten." - Lilo and Stitch

🔆Groot, Baby Yoda, Dobby: Vinyl Decal - These guys did what they did for those they loved. Their "family" 

🔆 Golden Girls Tin: The 4 ladies that were a "family" that knew that cheesecake fixed many issues. 

❤ LOTR Fellowship coffee: "Family" that some of them died for. 

❤Book art cards & Bookmarks: Can't have a box with out quotes from the book. 

❤ Enamel Pin: The book was better. YUP.

🎇Little Women book wrapped snack: Cause snacks are fun. 

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