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Wraithwood - Halloween YA

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This Box will come with 7 Gothic Halloweenish items, that will complement our YA Book.

Brief book synopsis:

An estranged uncle, a mysterious mansion, and Arthurian legend-together they lead to a world of magic and bloodthirsty wizards who want Her dead.

Our Main Character has always lived a quiet life under the watchful eye of her hovering mother-until she's sent off for the summer to live with an uncle she didn't know she had. While her parents get to travel across the globe, she'll be spending three months in the middle of nowhere: upstate New York. It looks like she might spend the entire summer friendless with her nose in a book.

However, she soon finds that her uncle's creepy old mansion, holds as many secrets as the man himself. When She is warned not to explore any of it, her curiosity only grows. As unnatural events take place and She hears whispers of a hidden war, must unravel the truth about her family's mysterious past if she wants to survive.

Something terrible happened thirty years ago, and Our Main Character is determined to find out what-even if it means confronting the possibility that magic is real.

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